Galvanize On Demand Helps Businesses Skill Up Marketing Teams with Pre-Vetted Experts

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New York, NY and Waterloo, ON — March 15, 2021 — Galvanize Worldwide, the largest network of freelance marketers, today launched Galvanize On Demand, a new business that allows companies to extend the bandwidth and skills of in-house marketing teams by hiring pre-vetted marketing professionals to tackle projects, on-demand. The online platform also helps experienced freelance marketing professionals find quality clients and manage the overhead involved in building a successful career as a freelancer.

“A growing number of businesses are turning to freelancers to help them move faster, operate more efficiently, and stay agile while extending the bandwidth and capabilities of their in-house marketing teams. That’s where Galvanize On Demand comes in,” said Jeff Gadway, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Galvanize On Demand. “By matching businesses with pre-vetted marketing professionals, Galvanize On Demand can help a company quickly ramp up marketing output while removing the risks of hiring freelancers from a marketplace or incurring the high costs associated with a traditional agency.”

How it works for businesses:

A CEO, CMO, founder, or senior leader with a marketing need starts by visiting and completes a project brief capturing their goals, requirements, timelines, and deliverables. The project brief is reviewed to ensure that the client and marketing professionals are both set up for success. Once a project is vetted, Galvanize On Demand negotiates and signs the contract with the business, and collects 50% of the project cost upfront, which is held in escrow until milestones and deliverables are shared. 

Galvanize On Demand then identifies pre-vetted marketing professionals hand-picked for the job based on criteria, including functional skills, industry experience, personality dynamics, and team fit. Depending on the scale and scope of the project, this might be a single, specialized marketing pro or a fully managed team which offers the client a single point of contact and accountability. With the team assembled, work can begin within 48 hours. As project milestones are met, funds are released to marketing professionals working on the project. 

Using Galvanize On Demand, businesses can confidently tackle any marketing project, including demand generation, account-based marketing, reputation management, sales enablement, PR and thought leadership, content marketing, graphic design, product launches, rebranding, positioning, and more.

How it Works for Freelance Marketing Professionals:

“At Galvanize On Demand, the freelance marketing professionals that are drawn to us share common attributes. They want more control and flexibility over their time, clients, and projects, so that they can establish better life balance. They also want to work with other A+ players, and ultimately reduce the stress of finding their next client and running a freelance business,” said Heidi Davidson, Co-Founder and CEO of Galvanize Worldwide and Galvanize On Demand.  “At Galvanize, we’re creating a community of incredibly talented people who can focus on their areas of expertise without stressing about where the next project will come from or chasing down outstanding payments.”

When a marketing professional applies to the Galvanize On Demand network they must complete a screening process which assesses their functional marketing expertise, industry experience, and team dynamics. The screening process includes both automated and live elements. Once accepted as a member of the Galvanize On Demand network, marketing professionals are presented with projects that match their skills, capabilities, and experience. Marketing professionals are free to accept or pass on any project. As project deliverables are completed, Galvanize On Demand releases the fees to the freelance marketer. 

Unlike freelance marketplaces, which take a percentage off the top of a freelancer’s project fees, Galvanize allows marketing pros to set and collect 100% of their own rates and doesn’t promote a ‘race to the bottom’ to win new business. Freelancers are hand picked and offered projects based on their skills, team fit, and project budget. 

Over the last 3 years, the Galvanize network has grown to more than 100 marketing professionals from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, UK, Portugal, Sri Lanka, and beyond, and has helped freelancers earn more than $2 million in revenue.

To learn more about how you can join the Galvanize On Demand platform as a freelance marketer or if you’re a prospective client who needs marketing support, please visit Galvanize On Demand at

About Galvanize On Demand

Galvanize On Demand is a platform that helps businesses extend their in-house marketing capabilities by identifying pre-vetted marketing professionals, hand-picked to meet the needs of any marketing project. Using Galvanize On Demand, businesses can access the services of an individual specialized marketer or a team of marketing professionals depending on the scale and scope of the project at hand.  For more information about Galvanize On Demand, please visit

Galvanize On Demand is a sister company of Galvanize Worldwide, a full-service virtual agency. Since 2015, Galvanize Worldwide has served as an outsourced marketing partner for high-growth companies and established brands looking for help with marketing strategy and tactical execution. For more information about Galvanize Worldwide, please visit

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